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Mascaras & Bronzers


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The Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box features carefully chosen conscious beauty products.

It’s party season! And so it is time for our first makeup box, the Party Box!

Just like with skin care, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the make-up options and ingredients in the green beauty space. We don’t want to damage our face, body or this planet with our make-up choices, we’d rather find a way to protect it all.

Here we feature BRONZERS & MASCARAS, two staples in a woman’s make-up bag. These green beauty options are just as pigmented, long-lasting and high performing as their not-so-green counterparts.

They are free of artificial dyes, pesky parabens, dangerous synthetic ingredients included in most commercial bronzers & mascaras, and are all cruelty free.

We spend the time researching, checking and testing to be sure, so that you don’t have to.

There are deluxe travel size samples in this box, and some FULL-SIZED items. Packed with value and wild beauty love.

We feature three brands that share our passion for clean, natural and nurturing skincare. Try them all, find your favourite, and then make the switch.

Detox your beauty cabinet, one beauty routine at a time.

Mindfully created, curated, natural, non-toxic and ethical beauty, from us to you, with love.


7 deluxe travel sized non-toxic green beauty items
> Delivered to your door
> Domestic & International shipping available
> Expertly curated
> Access to the Mascara & Bronzer INSIDER. This is your exclusive information about each product, ingredient low-down, tips and strategies from the brands on how to use your products and the best ideas on getting the most from your experience. It gets emailed to you.


Once you have ordered we will get your box to you within the week if you are within Australia. For international shipping, we will be in contact with estimated delivery date once your box has been ordered.

Out of stock




Create Your Dream Green Beauty Cabinet 

The Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box is a step-by-step subscription journey that makes your switch to green beauty enjoyable and convenient. We have developed a system that steps you through creating your dream beauty cabinet.

1. Focus on one beauty routine a month

2. TEST – We’ll provide you with products from 3 brands. Test one brand at a time, using their products exclusively for 1-2 weeks. We’re including travel sized samples to ensure you have enough time to see which products work best for you – the feel, the smell, the results. Test the next set of products and so on until you’ve found your favourite.

2. CHOOSE – let us know which brands you love the most. When your samples are finished you’re welcome to order your favourite full sized products with us.

3. SWITCH – Switch out your old toxic products. Smile because you’re supporting your skin, your body and the planet.

4. REPEAT – Do the same next month when we send you a new routine (plus a special surprise) to test and choose.

Your cabinet will soon be transformed into one that is all natural, non toxic, cruelty free and high performing. Designed by you, for your skin, from your home, using the Wanderess Beauty System.

In our experience the journey not only transforms your beauty cabinet but also your mind, body and soul. So get ready!

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