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From the beaches of Bondi, Chief Wanderess Jessica created Wanderess Beauty to inspire and inform your return to real. We feel that desire. We feed that desire.
“Our greatest goal of all, is that we help you to discover more ways to experience love for yourself, your body, this planet and your beautiful life. Simply because it feels great and it ripples out to create wondrous world –that’s real beauty!” Chief Wanderess, Jessica

On a determined quest to uncover the best green beauty products and whole beauty practices the world has to offer, we exist to educate ourselves and our clients on the most progressive and nurturing means of self care and beautification.


Our greatest goal of all, is that we help you to discover more ways to experience love for yourself, your body, this planet and your wildly beautiful life. Simply because it feels great and it ripples out to create a wondrous world –that’s wild beauty! Chief Wanderess, Jessica

After the traumatic failure of my marriage my self esteem was at an all time low. This lead me to some serious introspection and an unravelling and rebuilding of self. The idea and feeling of “beauty” did not exist in my world at that time.

On that journey a friend shared with me one of her beauty routines: body scrubbing. She used this not just as a way to clean her skin but also as a way of mentally taking layers off that didn’t serve her anymore and giving herself love, care and time, with the best natural and organic ingredients.

For the first time I saw the “beauty” in “beauty”.

Beauty as an act of self love. Beauty as an attitude. Beauty as an evolving and changing idea of ourselves. Beauty as a way of seeing the world and life. Beauty that was deeply connected to nature, where the true idea of beauty comes from. And seeing myself in that nature, as beautiful.
Beauty not just as a product, look or brand. A deep beauty. A real and natural beauty. The beauty of being me.

My research led me to green beauty, and I fell in love. It all made sense on so many levels; healthy, clean and mindful beauty for people and planet. I didn’t want to just keep it to myself.

So at the age of 40 and with two young children to care for as a single parent I decided to go back to study and go all-in on a completely new industry where I was just a beginner.

An exciting vision to take wild beauty mainstream began to take hold. A vision of helping more people to make the shift to green beauty, inside and out. A vision of re-defining beauty incorporating ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. A vision of using the medium of video and storytelling to inspire and empower people on their journey, finding innovative ways to best serve the lovers and seekers of wild beauty. A vision of bringing a form of beauty to the world that is good for people and the planet, one that is personal and unique. One that is wild. A vision I just had to say “yes” to.

Thus the idea of Wanderess Beauty was born.


The Wanderess is our inspiration. She is the spirit, energy and vibration of wild beauty, that lives within all of us. The Wanderess is “in” life.

She is thoroughly perfect and imperfect.
She is accepting of her imperfections knowing they are perfectly her. She is wise but is always learning.

She vibrates at a frequency of life – so comfortable in her own skin that she has become powerful, and everything is possible.

Her life has been lived and experienced and continues to grow in riches. She transforms, evolves and grows from all experiences of life.

She travels with intent to expose the world of experience. And this travel is not just physical travel, but also spiritual and mental.

She’s no Mother Theresa. She owns her sexuality. There is a wildness to her freedom.

She’s no’ green beauty martyr’. She embraces beauty but in her own way, always on her own terms. She doesn’t aspire to common ideals or silly trends. She is a dark horse and she runs her own race.

She is honest and true to herself which radiates a sense of confidence. Her end goal is not necessarily enlightenment or self actualisation (though her journey may well take her there!), it’s a daily dance of finding the joy and beauty in the small moments; the good and the challenges, tapping into the spirit and energy within herself.

Inspired by the hero of Roman Payne’s novel by the same name; “she was free in her wildness. she was a wanderess, a drop of free water. she belonged to no man and to no city…”


The inspiration behind the birth of Wanderess Beauty

Jessica Chief Wanderess

Hello. I’m Jess – founder of Wanderess Beauty.

I was introduced to green beauty after going through a difficult time in my life a few years ago after my marriage broke down.  I was in a dark place and was introduced to green beauty and holistic living by a friend who suggested its healing and restorative powers. I embraced it into my life, incorporating its nurturing rituals, alongside self-care and self love. Slowly I saw myself repairing, rebuilding, and my confidence grew. My eyes were opened to the beauty in everyday life; in scents, sensations and self-caring and I felt first-hand nature’s restorative, healing powers.

My desire to facilitate a genuine love for the body and the soul is at the underlying core of Wanderess, operating with a view to facilitating transformation of the self and the planet through self-care.


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