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Wanderess Beauty exists to Ignite Wild Beauty.

Why? We believe in the transformation of self and our planet through embracing wild beauty; Creating a more beautiful world by layering practical action and ethical choices with a holistic and loving approach to self-care.

Wild Beauty is a spirit, an energy, a vibration. It is defining your own brand of beautiful and accentuating that which makes you different and unique. Not a product, look or a trend, but a way of being and seeing.

We don’t shy away from radically redefining the definition of beauty: one which connects to self, nature, body and mind, one which rejects harmful products which don’t serve us or the planet, one that ignites a light from within that dares to shine radiantly.

Wild Beauty is a celebration of the earth and her bountiful treasures. It’s embracing nature in all her random chaos and perfect imperfection, and thus embracing ourselves.

Wild Beauty is a holistic beauty that goes beyond skin care and cosmetics. It is a beauty that encompasses mind, body and spirit.

Wild beauty is a returning to ancient wisdom. It’s a rejection of the harmful high-tox life, and embracing beauty practices with a dose of common sense.

Wild Beauty is knowing and understanding that the beauty of our world and the beauty of our selves are inextricably linked, and depends upon us playing our part to create a healthier world.

This is a beauty destination where real beauty; wild beauty is celebrated. Where the “beauty in beauty” is cut open, laid bare, exalted and found in all. Where beauty is a feeling and a frequency that everyone can access.

COMING SOON: Here, we will soon reveal our ever growing bank of global green beauty & eco fashion knowledge. You will soon find product reviews, profiles and videos of green beauty founders, body knowledge, how-to’s, skin care techniques, nourishing beauty food, soulful beautiful thinking strategies, and inspiring ways to feel wildly beautiful just as you are. 

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