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Using a face mist or toner is part of our everyday face care ritual. They can be used to either clean away excess dirt after cleansing, to add hydration before moisturising, or just to feel extra indulgent with a wonderful mist over our face.

Many face toners and mists that you pick up (especially the $4 ones!) contain ingredients that are not great for your skin. These synthetic and suspect ingredients like strong alcohols, preservatives and synthetic fragrances are very stripping for your skin. They can also have a negative impact on your body’s health over the long term.

Always turn that bottle around before you purchase, and do some checking. That is what we do! Look for natural, non-toxic and nourishing face mists and toners.

We love using green beauty toners & mists as part of our daily face cleaning ritual. They are refreshing, hydrating and smell….divine! You can even use them as room sprays and body mists too!

In your Wanderess Box you will find high-performing and non-toxic face mists & toners. They contain NONE of these “suspect” ingredients. They are all Australian brands with rich history’s in green beauty formulation.

No Longer Available

Intentio Nurture – PH Balancing Toner

You can use this beautiful product in lieu of chemical covered face wipes to remove your make-up, it will even remove your
waterproof mascara.

Intentio Nurture was founded in 2010 by Renae. Her journey started with her making potions and lotions at home to replace all of the nasty ones that sat in her bathroom cupboards. It really was just a hobby that was driven by a desire to remove chemicals from her skincare just as she had the food she chose to eat and the cleaning products she was using. She started gifting different products to family and friends; they, in turn, kept asking why she wasn’t selling the products somewhere. The persistence of her family and friends eventually built her self-belief so she took the plunge with her first market.

Intentio: a latin word meaning attention or purpose.

nurture: care for and protect whilst growing

The PH Balancing Toner will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh without use of dehydrating and damaging chemicals. Created with an organic Aloe Vera base and infused with calming and nourishing Chamomile and Lavender pure essential oils it helps to calm redness or angry inflamed acne flare ups.

Available Here: https://www.intentionurture.com.au/collections/intentionurture/products/ph-balancing-toner

Organically Grown Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Juice, Polyglucoside (naturally derived from Coconut Oil and Corn Starch), Lavender Essential Oil, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Preservatives (less than 0.03% combined), Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate

Kis – Organic Flower Water – Rose

After washing face and body to close the pores and tone and hydrate the skin. Men can use after shaving and to hydrate during the day. Women can use to keep makeup fresh throughout the day. Can be used as an aromatherapy treatment throughout the day.

Gently shake the bottle before use.

Face: close your eyes and hold the bottle 10 cm away from your face. Praya onto the face once or twice and allow to dry.

Body: Hold 8-10 cm from body & spritz all over the body after bathing or showering. Top up throughout the day.

Cleanse Aura: Close your eyes and spray several times above your head and allow the mist to fall around you. Take a few seconds to breathe in it.

Environmental cleanser: Spray liberally to cleanse your personal space home or work environment.

Louise Rawlings is the founder of the Kis brand, she and her husband live on the Mornington Peninsula and enjoy an “organic” lifestyle.

Kis is a range of organic and natural skin & body care and organic perfumes while still utilising the healing & pleasurable powers of aromatherapy. The products are not harmful to you, any animals or the planet!

Proudly Australian Made, the Kis brand is created by passionate experts including a naturopath, aromatherapist, chemist, and parfumist.

Kis ingredients are minimal & chosen for their effectiveness, they don’t add ingredients to make the product sound good for marketing. They think less is more. They use the K.I.S principle, keep it simple.

It is a 100% natural and organic flower water an instant skin booster. Retain the glow of your skin with the pure rose flower water. Rose has calming properties which provides soft and supple skin & protect against Radical Damage.

Organic Flower Water Hydrosol Face & Body Mist Toner. Awakening with Ylang Ylang, Tangerine & Rosalina Essential Oils.

Expertly formulated to help you gain awareness of your limitless potential. This awakening blend is the first step towards making positive life changes. Also useful for enhancing spirituality and meditation.

Available Here: https://www.kismybody.com.au/shop/organic-flower-water-rose/

Purified Water, Organic Rose Water of distillation*, Vegetable Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Potassium Lactic Acid, Ylang-Ylang, Certified Organic Tangerine Oil*, Rosalina Oil, *Denotes Certified Organic Ingredients.

Equilibrium Natural Collections – Natural Hydrating Toning Gel

Liberally apply to face & neck, give it a minute to sink in, and then apply your day cream. Suitable for day and night use.

Inga & Tilly are the mother/ daughter team behind Equilibrium Natural Collections. Tilly has grown up using the products since she was 14; over a decade ago; and now is the head manufacturer of the Equilibrium skincare, spa and beauty products.

In 2004 Equilibrium Natural Collections created their own natural & organic skin care range after they realised how hard it was to find skincare that had absolutely no chemicals in it, was made in Australia and was reasonably priced. It soon became obvious how many people were allergic to their skincare because of all the chemicals and fragrances in them. So the main goal was to create a range that suited everyone and included products for people who suffered with a variety of skin sensitivities; a range of products that would be gentle and healing for their skin. The goal was also to make our products interesting and effective for teenagers to elderly, male and female; this has been a great success for them.

The natural Hydrating Toning Gel combines soothing aloe vera gel and green tea with the healing combination of sweet orange and geranium to create a deeply hydrating toner that plumps out your skin cells and reduces redness and puffiness. This natural skin care product is to be applied underneath your organic face cream daily to remove redness, clarify the skin, soothe the eye area and hydrate even the driest of skins. It is also great for men as an aftershave gel.

Available Here: https://equilibriumnatural.com.au/shop/organic-natural-skin-care/natural-hydrating-toning-gel-200ml/

Aloe Vera gel, purified water,  green tea extract, sweet orange and geranium oil.

Benefits of organic and natural ingredients: 

Aloe Vera gel: Is an all round natural gel that soothes and heals skin. It treats sunburn, acts as a moisturizer, treats acne, fights aging, and lessens visibility of stretch marks.

Green Tea Extract: It has a strong antioxidant effect that protects the skin from the damaging effect of free radicals and can actually decrease wrinkles and also makes you look younger. Green tea extract is a good anti-inflammatory agent thereby reducing inflammation in the skin and helps to promote the health and quantity of collagen, thereby maintaining firm and elastic skin.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: is shown to promote the production of collagen as well as increase the blood flow to the skin and is helpful at soothing dry, irritated skin as well as acne-prone skin.

Geranium oil: is used in skin care for it’s effective anti-inflammatory properties and has been found useful in the management of eczema, psoriasis and acne. The oil is specifically recommended for dry, oily or combination skin because of its astringent properties and balances the production of serum and helps prevent skin breakouts.


From Earth – Organic & Natural Avocado Night Eye Cream

From Earth was created with a focus on providing natural and organic skincare. Their products contain chemical free and cruelty-free ingredients. All products are handmade in Melbourne! Their mission is to go back to basics and create products embracing the wonderful things that nature has to offer without any artificial additives and unnatural preservatives. All of our products are handmade using raw natural ingredients such as, oils, butters, wax, herbs, clays and flowers. They have created an extensive line of skincare products using ingredients that are carefully chosen to contain many vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and other properties that will help restore and rejuvenate your skin and hair.

It contains high amounts of Vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B5, B6, D, E and K! it also contains Folate, Potassium, amino acids and many other beneficial elements but we are just mentioning a few! It helps the soft skin around your eyes to maintain its glow and is made with ground coffee which is a natural anti-inflammatory and will help to tighten the skin, it is also a great antioxidant source which is said to be a helpful aid in preventing premature skin ageing. The Jojoba oil helps to balance the natural oils in your skin as it mimics very closely to our own skins sebum.

Available Here: http://www.fromearth.com.au/skincare#!/Avocado-Night-Eye-Cream/p/66630701/category=19538647

This night cream can be a bit oily because of the avocado oil, so we do not recommend it after applying make-up. 

Avocado Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Coffee infused Organic Olive Oil, Candelilla wax, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E & Essential oils; Lavender & Lemon